Striving for that PERFECT Lawn

Striving for that PERFECT Lawn

Don't we all want that beautifully green and full lawn? I know I do, but I can tell you my lawn is not an easy one to deal with. Between grubs, pets, and wildlife, my lawn gets ruined year round. All of these make it seems like the perfect lawn is just a dream. Well, this year I decided to be proactive about the damages to my lawn. I got the grub control down early, I removed the dead patches, and even loosened the soil. My next step is to get some new grass seeds, and straw. Remember, when covering grass seed you always want to use straw NOT hay . Hay will actually grow a lot of different weeds, and other unattractive things you pro...

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May Flyer Ends 5/19/15

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Chick Days Workshop!

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